Sometimes going to a new college can be exciting as well as scary. This is true for both parents and students. We are aware your child may have a lot of questions of what life is going to be like in secondary school. It is our sincere belief that the answers we provide on this website are going to put just not the child at ease, but the parent as well.

The staffs at our Catholic College have tried their very possible best to make sure that your child will be able to face the pressures and daunting challenges a new school sometimes has to offer. Questions which have to do with the settling down process for the child can be asked here. If you have further questions about this process, contact Mr. John Doe, Admissions Registrar, at the bottom of the page.

Visiting Days

For boarders, we ensure that we have the Open Days every weekend to ensure parents can see their children. The admission policy of the school is guided by the Catholic Tenets of Practice which are available to download here. All admissions are subject to a first right of refusal by us. See more here.


For potential students who were not able to meet up with the rigorous admission process, who believe they were unfairly robbed of the opportunity, and who are still interested in securing a place at our school, the appeal process follows a set time table which can be downloaded here.

Note that the appeals for a school year will not commence until the last due date for the submission of appeal has passed.

Appellants will be given a notification for when the appeal commences proper.

Further evidence to support your appeal is accepted so far you adhere to the rules.