Our school curriculum gives the opportunity to every student in our care to embrace a broad, comprehensive, rich and challenging curriculum so that they can enhance their skills to the best of their knowledge. We strictly adhere to the National Curriculum which is updated on a yearly basis.

Our curriculum is prepared a month before the resumption of the school year and these are some of the core subjects on offer:

Information Technology & Computer Science

The latest change in government legislation has caused two subjects to be merged together; that is Information Technology and Computer Science. This is the government’s way of saving cost while at the same time giving students the opportunity to have a rich and comprehensive experience, making them to hone critical skills in software and hardware, programming languages, and network security.


Our history lessons are always made to be enjoyable and fun for our students. This is a course that is filled with interesting events, unforgettable people who have made significant contributions into what our society looks like today.

Our school is of the belief that each student will aspire to be as great as some of the names of the people who have made great strides for the improvement of mankind. Having a historical lesson on the past is the best way to not make mistakes in the future.

We make sure our students learn from the good lessons while keeping in mind the moral lessons from the bad ones. We go the extra mile by organizing trips abroad or around the UK so our students can experience the feel of what took place in the times long before our own.


We follow a strict standard for the English Curriculum in our school. This is for all students including First Years and Sixth Forms without exception:

It is mandatory for all students to read entire books for the purpose of learning and pleasure. Students will also be able to use Accelerated Reader as this will give them an incentive to read while allowing our teachers to monitor their progress.

We are dedicated to providing the necessary assistance required to encourage literacy amongst our students. We also have a program where students meet with authors to learn from their experience with the hope that they become better readers.

It is mandatory for all students to write with accuracy, fluency, and efficacy. This will enable them to expand their knowledge of grammar and sentence structure.

The ability to become expert draftsman, proof writers, and editors are built on the foundation of an excellent writing ability from a young age such as this. Students are encouraged to be creative, to come up with stories which are wholly original, written by themselves and read to the whole class.

It is mandatory for students to speak with confidence. Students have the potential to be a Member of Parliament. We groom their confidence by enabling them take part in group discussions and debates for the entire class.