At our College, it is our expectation that all students will target the optimum benchmark of 100% attendance including punctuality. Recent study in the field has shown there is a strong nexus between punctual attendance and making excellent grades. We hope this will be the case for every child including yours.


Any absence for each child shall be reported unfailingly before 10am each day by calling the Headmaster's Office. Absence may be sent in advance by the parents through this contact form.

Attendance Protocol

  1. It is our wish that all trips to the medical doctor are scheduled outside college hours.

  2. A written note of the intended doctor's appointment must be sent to the school along with evidence of such an appointment.

  3. Any absence of more than two days will be reported to the appropriate government authorities should no note or evidence be issued to us in that time.

  4. Should there be no genuine reason for the absence, the absence will be adjudged to be illegal and contrary to the schools policy.

  5. Penalties for illegal absence will be £50 for every day a child remains absent while a report to the Child Social Services will be made as well as the Police Constabulary.

Health Problems

In the few years we have been training your child, we have been fortunate to discover by sheer miracle that some of our students have hidden health issues.

This is an announcement to all current as well as potential parents to inform the school of the health problems which your child may be coping with before joining our school. This will enable us better assist the child while making sure the child receives the best medical attention we have to offer. Further medical expense will be borne by the parent.