St Richards is a secondary educational institution with a strong emphasis on a Catholic way of life while still fortifying students with the requisite academic skills needed to thrive in life. We have more than 700 students enrolled with over 200 students currently in Sixth Form.

Our college is an exciting Christian community with strong Catholic beliefs, who are dedicated to giving your child, the excellent education they need to make them academically Christians with sound moral path.

You can always stay in touch with us as prospective parent or student and you can peruse our website or social media handles to get updated on the latest developments with our school.

Looking to Team Up with Us?

We are extremely chuffed at what we have achieved so far since we began this school. We have a very strong Catholic community that supports us in all that we try to achieve and we are proud that you would like to join our team.

This web platform gives you the procedures by which you can take the necessary steps. To find out how to get started, please contact us here.

Headmaster's Remarks

I am very much delighted and it is indeed an honour to welcome you to our Catholic College. This college is indeed very special and stands out as one of the best Catholic colleges in the entirety of the United Kingdom. Due to our excellence spreading beyond the shores of this country, we have students from over fifty countries who are currently learning under our care.

Our aim is to create the optimum environment where everyone can reach out to their best potential and utilize the abilities which they have been blessed with by God.

Each student is meticulously taught, given the opportunities to discover their talent, and use that talent for the glory of God, their, communities, and families. We provide the perfect mix of academic excellence, and spiritual support both from the school staff, and our faith community.

It is our desire to make sure the students are challenged by our standards, to enable them raise the bar high so they can perform excellently in their exams. This can be seen consistently in the yearly GSCE results where we were placed in the top ten percentile of schools who do extremely well in the exams.

When you give us the opportunity to train your child, you can be sure to expect only the most excellent academic and moral standards from our staff. We make sure your child grows in all areas of development including academically.

Spiritually and physically, we do not take the physical aspect of your child's growth for granted this is why our students have been known to medal in many events in the country and also abroad.

Our online platform has been specifically built so parents and students can have a very rewarding experience. It is our hope that you enjoy using this platform to access whatever information that you might need. Should there be any questions or inquiries please do not hesitate to use the contact forms.