The view from St Richard's towards the Malvern Hills by Gill Graves Latest News ➤➤

Entrance Results far ➤➤

X-Country Trophy

Presentation to the U13 girls ➤➤

Malta Tour

Netball, football and sightseeing ➤➤

Sponsored bike ride

...raises nearly £4,000 ➤➤

Alice's Adventures

A box-office hit ➤➤

The Big Pit

Form 3 visit ➤➤

Rugby Fun... an era ends ➤➤

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Coming Soon...

Saturday 7th May
12:00 Mass, Form 6 Bidding prayers

Sunday 8th May
Boarders Laserquest/ice skating

Monday 9th May
18:10 Forms 1 & 2 Parents' Evening

Saturday 14th May
London College of Music Drum Exams

Sunday 15th May
Stonor Indendent Schools One Day Event

Full school calendar ➤➤

Welcome to St Richard's

St Richard's is a Catholic preparatory school which welcomes girls and boys of all faiths and beliefs.  We aim to give all pupils a sense of their personal worth and the value of family and community within a stimulating and supportive environment.

Excellent academic standards are achieved through child-centred teaching, in small classes, where a love of learning is nurtured and pupils can gain confidence in their own ability to think for themselves.

The broad academic, sporting and artistic curriculum of which St Richard's is so proud, produces happy, confident, responsible children which makes them so sought after by leading public schools across the country.

Please click here for the Headmaster's Welcome.