The Spiritual Ethos of Our College

This college is built on the solid foundation of Christ. The teachings and examples The Son of God laid down for us are the very basis by which we lead our daily lives in this school community.

Christ: An example to serve

Our Lord Jesus Christ has set for us the illustration of how to serve with humility when he cleansed the feet of the disciples in the Last Supper. The ethos of this school, the leadership, and the staff are a reflection of the way of life as practiced by Christ. We imbibe this Christ-like behaviour through our motto which is: To Love and To Serve Through Christ.

We have two interwoven pillars through which the school has stood for so many years. This is the pillar of God's love for us and the pillar of Man's love for his neighbour. These are two tenets through which the life of the school is stood upon.

Every member of our college lends strength to these two pillars. We are not just a religious school, we are also a spiritual community and we exhibit our love for serving God through the work we do for the students. Fun and games are encouraged here. We have many students that are interested in the growth of online gaming and gambling. Because of this, we try to arrange workshops every quarter. So far, we have had a guest speaker from Ojo Play casino and William Hill. Love, fun care, harmony, camaraderie, hard work, on a foundation of strong morality are the core beliefs of our school.

Spiritual care

We provide the right environment for students and staff to grow their faith in Christ. The mass and prayer sessions engaged by everyone in the school helps maintain a stronger relationship with God.

Our day to day Christian activities assists us in our moral values and judgement. We reminisce on the beautiful bounty God has been so faithful to provide for us and we make sure each member gets to use these gifts for the benefit of God first before anyone else.


A Catholic Chaplain provided to us by the Church oversees the daily rituals of our Catholic life. This includes Morning Mass, Angelus, Mid-Devotion, and Evening Mass amongst other daily spiritual activities. The old chapel has been demolished and a new one built in place to better enable our students enjoy the worship of God.

The prayer courtyard in each and every hostel has been completed. The Masses, prayers, and devotions we conduct in the school gives our students a once in a life time opportunity to foster a close relationship with God.